Role – Shop Assistant

Working as a Shop Assistant with The GSC

Our shop assistants work in all aspects of retail. We run a small convenience store and Souvenir cooperative in our center. It is open to both Seafarers and the public. You will be fully trained in our automated Point of Sale System and learn new skills in visual merchandising. You will be given the opportunity to make the shop your own space and we are always welcome to new ideas and products we can sell.

Whilst working in the shop you will have the opportunity to answer the phones and take general enquiries. You will be able to schedule bus pickups and liaise with the drivers to have a through understanding of where they are and who they are picking up. In addition to our shop we also run a currency exchange in the center and you will be given the opportunity to work here also. We exchange money in 10 different currencies and staff all under go extensive training in all these roles.

You will be fully inducted as a new team member and won’t be left on your own to run a shift until you are fully confident. This is a very sociable position and requires an enthusiastic person who is willing to interact with people of all cultures and ages.