Need a bus? Call Gladstone’s Mission to Seafarers

Jess Mulhall (R) with the Gladstone Gladiators swimming team.

The Mission to Seafarers are used to helping people and now they’re lending a helping hand to Gladstone’s community groups.

Mission manager Jess Mulhall said they were dedicated to supporting local clubs.

“We’ve got the vehicles and the manpower to drive them,” she said.

“So we’re trying to support as many not for profit clubs and community groups as we can.

“But we also do private hire as well.”

Coach of the Gladstone Gladiators Swimming Club Tom Fronek said his squad will use the Mission’s bus to travel to Brisbane to compete this weekend.

“Thanks to this opportunity provided by The Mission to Seafarers, we’ll be able to travel to more swim meets together, maintaining the club spirit and camaraderie,” he said.

Prices for the vehicles vary, depending on length of hire and size of the bus.

“Dry hire of the smaller vehicles can be as low as $100 a day,” Ms Mulhall said.

She said the Mission’s bus hire has been well received in the short time it has been operating.

“Given the response rate so far, we’re definitely looking at taking on another bus,” Ms Mulhall said.

For more information contact the Mission to Seafarers on 49720355.


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