Unique opportunity for Gladstone-ites who need a shop front

Mission to Seafarers Manager Jessica Mulhall is on a mission to help local people sell their goods. Picture: Greg Bray

Are you a Gladstone-ite with a bright idea but not sure how to sell it? 

The Mission to Seafarers team could be your answer.  

With more than 10 businesses already using the store, manager Jessica Mulhall said Gladstone hobbyists had a unique opportunity.

“Artists, musicians, woodworkers and quilters, possibly even someone with a coffee cart looking for a place to sell,” Ms Mulhall said.

The organisation not only takes care of the needs of over 15,000 international sailors entering Gladstone Harbour every year, but now they want to look after Gladstone’s hobbyists and small businesses as well.

The Mission has been operating a small shop since 1993 and manager Jessica Mulhall decided it was time to branch out and start selling products that were unique to Gladstone.

“We made the decision to give local hobbyists and artists some space to sell their stuff here,” she said.

Souvenir Co-Op. Picture: Greg Bray

“Normally the people interested in setting up a display usually only have the opportunity to sell online or sell at the markets.

“We’re now giving them a permanent physical location to sell their goods.”

The souvenir co-operative has been operating for two weeks but the official launch of the gift shop will be on June 16.

“Apart from selling generic Australian souvenirs we’re now dealing with local businesses that make, bake, grow and sew their products here in Gladstone,” Jessica said.

At the moment we’ve got 12 businesses operating out of our store.

~ Jessica Mulhall (Manager, Mission To Seafarers)

The shopping area inside the mission was given a full refurbishment recently.

“We had a lot of help from 2nd Life Traders who donated and fitted the shelves and display cabinets,” she said.

“The kids from Designer Life Training pitched in as well and had so much fun re-furbing the shop they came back and helped with the staff areas as well.

“We’re now looking at taking two of them on as interns.”

One of the young helpers, Fiona Hitson, even set up her own display.

“She didn’t have the facilities to copy her artwork so she hand drew and painted every single card on display here, she’s amazing,” Jessica said.

Jessica is putting the call out to any other local suppliers interested in displaying their goods at the Mission.

“Artists, musicians, woodworkers and quilters, possibly even someone with a coffee cart looking for a place to sell,” Jessica said.

“The Mission is only asking for a 10 per cent cut from each sale.

“But the good thing about this system is if you don’t sell, you don’t pay.”

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