Gladstone Seafarers Centre are always on the look out for new members to join our team.

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and all skill sets. Our general day to day positions that are so very vital to the operation of the centre include bus drivers and shop attendants. We provide full training for these positions and no previous experiences or special licenses are required.

If you have a specific skill set then it’s likely that we are in need of it. Be it marketing, sales, gardening, accounts, mechanics, painters, cooks, knitters, sewers, lawyers, doctors or truck drivers, we have a welcome space for you all.

Our hours of operation can vary from week to week and we welcome volunteers of all commitment levels. From 5 regular shifts per week to an occasional on call shift when you have the time.

At Gladstone Seafarers Centre we recognise and appreciate the input of every individual that crosses our path.

No matter what your role within our centre your contribution to the welfare service and the sense of home we are creating for International and Domestic Seafarers who visit the port of Gladstone will always be appreciated.

Why Volunteer

Why volunteer with Gladstone Seafarers Centre????

Well for all the usual reasons and so, so many more.

The Usual Reasons:

  • To Support the seafarers and help them feel recognised for their contribution to Australia and specifically Gladstone.
  • Giving back to your community
  • Learning new skills
  • Building your networks and personal support communities
  • To get you out of the house and into a routine
  • to make new friend in Gladstone if you’re new to the area
Volunteer Recognition Sponsor – Rio Tinto

The Extra Reasons:

  • Sense of camaraderie – we are so lucky at GSC to have a fantastic, welcoming, caring team who genuinely welcome new comers and support each other both professionally and personally.
  • GSC prides itself on what we can do for our volunteers. Looking for an organisation where you’re no longer a number – You’ve found it. Each of our volunteers has a name and a face and their own particular skill set. We recognise those skills and want to help you nurture them.
  • Upskilling – If there is a role you want to learn, or transition into we can help you with that also. For our committed volunteers we can assist you with upskilling things like your drivers license, truck license, accounting and bookkeeping skills, retail skills, customer service and business skills and qualifications.

Volunteer Recognition:

Thanks to our wonderful Volunteer Recognition Sponsors at Rio Tinto Shipping Australia we are able to offer thank our in a way that’s very different to any other organisation in Gladstone – Curious… drop on in to the centre and find out what we have on offer!!

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