Role – Bus Driver

Our drivers come from all walks of life. Some are highly experienced truck drivers, others just simply hold a car license. We have 4 vehicles at MTS Gladstone ranging from 8 to 25 seaters and can be driven with both car and LR licenses.

There are extensive inductions to undertake as a bus driver as each of the ports we service requires a different induction, this can take some time. In the mean time you will undergo training with some of our senior drivers to ensure you can maneuver the buses safely. We take drivers with as little as three years driving experience. We will take care of all your inductions and trainings and it wont cost you a cent.

Typically, you will work in conjunction with the shop assistants who will help you coordinate your shift and keep track of the seafarers you transport you will collect them from their ships and take them to the recreation center. From here they may request to be taken to the local shopping center and later back to their ships again.

This role would suit someone who likes to drive and is confident in their ability to drive safely you will be the first impression seafarers have of GSC, Gladstone and sometimes Australia. They will always appreciate your smiling face and thankyou for providing them with a safe passage in a foreign country.