Services we provide at the G.S.C

We provide a range of services including

Public Transport

We have 4 busses for hire ranging from 8 to 25 seaters. You can plan bookings on the busses by contacting us. You can also volunteer as a bus driver via filling out our Volunteer Form.

Souvenir Shop

We have an on site Souvenir Shop where you can buy all the Australian merchandise. We also supply drinks, food and essentials. You can exchange your different type of currency at our front counter so types of money is never an issue in our shop.

Local Shop Suppliers

Our supplies comes straight from our back door. No exported goods all local and supplied from Gladstone. You can become a Supplier by contacting us.

At the GSC we reach out to a wide range of clients from around the world. We help them get back onto there feet out on the boats by giving them supplies that they need. We also give them time to stretch their legs and get to be involved in a wide range of activities.

Capt. Abhishek Anand Tiwari

Master of the M.V.Aqua Honor

"So sweet of you Jess... at least I feel happy that someone on this planet is thinking about us.
Do not lose your heart this is our fate in which no one can help us. I'm happy that at least you have such good feelings about us."

Captain Emmanuel B Canoy

Master of the Lambert Maru

"On behalf of officers and crew of the Lambert Maru, we would like to express or sincere and warmest thankfulness for the Sim Cards and Welfare Packs we received. Thank you very much for the continuous support to all the seafarers and may God shower you with more blessings."

Captain Khairuddin Shah Bin Aman Shah

Master of the Seri Camella

"We are delighted and surprised to the Welfare Packs received by ISS and Gladstone Seafarers Centre. At the moment we are all overwhelmed and expressing our joy and our happiness to the state only tears of happiness are able to be seen from all onboard.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, take care, God bless and stay safe."


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Seeking Volunteers

Gladstone Seafarers Centre are always on the look out for new members to join our team. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and all skill sets. Our general day to day positions that Read more…

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