Spiritual support

The Gladstone Seafarers Centre is an Anglican and Catholic Christian society that believes that Seafarers are at the heart of everything we do. Staff and volunteers are passionate about bringing help and hope to crews of all ranks, nationalities and of all faiths, or none.

Our port chaplain can offer to pray with you, can arrange services of thanksgiving, blessing or mourning, and will hold services in our Chapel or on board your ship.

If you are of another world faith, we may be able to find out where your local faith leader or representative is based. We can organise visits by other Christian and non-Christian organisations on board. 

If you are not a religious person, but wish to talk in confidence about any issue, we would be very happy to meet with you. Many non-religious Seafarers find a discussion about the meaning of life and death fruitful and comforting with a member of our ship visiting team, particularly if you have recently had a bereavement or are suffering from distress or despair of any kind.

If you wish to talk to our chaplain or our ship visiting team, or approach any member of staff in the Seafarers’ Centre or make contact via our FB page. Whatever your spiritual needs, we can help.

Ship visitor

Being a ship visitor with the GSC is a great privilege of Christian ministry. As a ship visitor you have opportunity to go on board ships in port to meet with crew. Your focus is to be in tune with the welfare and spiritual needs of seafarers.

You will receive training to give you an understanding of ship visiting protocols and of how to deliver cross cultural spiritual care. You will learn how to speak with men and women of many different faiths and none, at times of great need. As a ship visitor with Gladstone Seafarers Centre you will bring love and compassion to all Seafarers who visit our port, without distinction.

Ship visitors are people who are comfortable working across cultural differences. They are able to work in an industrial environment with training provided.